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Shilpa Ajwani

Founder & CEO, Unomantra,
Former MD, Tupperware India


Shilpa Ajwani is the Founder & CEO of Unomantra, a Business Strategy Consulting & Leadership Advisory Firm that specialises in enabling Consumer centric and Lifestyle Businesses to grow sustainably. She is passionate about creating iconic brands, leaders, communities and organisations which are based on purpose.
She has also founded SHEmantra, a community of women Founders in the Coaching & Consulting domain. Shilpa has had an illustrious career of over 25 years with reputed MNCs and has earned a rock-solid reputation as a transformative leader. Among the many accolades that she has won was CEO of the year 2017 conferred by the Economic Times Polymer Awards while she was leading Tupperware India as the Managing Director. She actively supports impact initiatives in creating inclusive workspaces, unleash entrepreneurial zeal especially in women and promote adoption of eco-friendly lifestyle choices. She’s an amateur photographer and takes pride in unlearning a lot of what she learned to keep her cup ready for a refill always!

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