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Leadership Traits that are Succeeding During the Covid-19 Crisis

What Leadership styles are working and what would be required during and post Covid19 to successfully navigate ourselves, our families, our teams and our organizations?

Women leaders have proven to be the better crisis managers than their male counterparts during the global Corona virus outbreak. The actions of female leaders in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Germany and Taiwan are showing the way for a better and sustainable world.

Their Leadership style display clear Purpose, strong Resilience and deep Empathy. This has helped to make the right decisions, connect with people and gain their trust. It is laying the foundation for a better future for the planet.

What exactly do these Leadership Traits Entail?


Resilience is like the muscles in our body, the more we use, the more flexibility and spring become available to us.

Being a resilient leader involves:

  • Understanding the tough situations, accepting the ground realities

  • Finding meaning in one’s current environment based on one’s value system

  • Inventing solutions and ‘work-arounds’ with a long-term purpose in mind


It is an alignment of our Head (Mind and Intellect ) and Heart (Values and Compassion) that guides us for the bigger, larger, higher goals.

Purpose for leader is:

  • A vision that is clear and sustainable

  • Focussed on larger goals

  • Normally beyond self, wealth, fame or influence.

  • Based on her value system


Empathy is when we connect with compassion with others to do what is needed, just and what is required

  • Empathy for a leader involves:

  • Understanding anxiety and emotions, without judging or pitying

  • Communicating with honesty & positivity

  • Being genuine and consistent in words and deeds.

  • Working with our and other’s vulnerabilities

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