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Ntasha Bhardwaj

Gender Expert | Qualitative Researcher

Government Advisory | Criminologist


Ntasha Bhardwaj, Ph.D. is a criminologist and gender specialist with over 12 years of experience. Her work is at the intersections of gender, crime and justice. She has conducted research and shaped policies on gender in different countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and United States of America. Ntasha’s training and experience have enabled her to connect the worlds of research and practice towards arriving at context specific, evidence based solutions for different issues. Her contributions to the field are published in Feminist Criminology, the Journal of Research on Crime and Delinquency and European Journal of Criminology. For the past year she worked as a UN Women Technical Consultant to Ministry of Women and Child Development towards applying a gender lens to India’s G20 Presidency. Currently, as a UN Women Technical Consultant to Government of Goa, she is building the state’s strategy on creating enabling ecosystems for safety.

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