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Founder Director, Sustain and Save

Namrata is an Architect with a post-graduation in Environmental Design of Buildings from Cardiff University , U.K having more than 16 years on experience both in professional and academic capacities. Namrata is the Founder Director at Sustain and Save, a company with core practice in sustainability services in environmental design, reporting, planning and research. Namrata is also an Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Architecture and Planning(DEAP) at BNCA. She has her expertise in Sustainable Built Environment, ESG and LCA. Namrata is pursuing her PhD from TERI School of Advance
Studies in the area glare perception of students and faculty in teaching-learning environments. Her other core areas of research working are Indoor Environmental Quality(IEQ), Post occupancy environmental evaluation studies and Urban Climate Design and Modelling. Namrata is also the founder member of CUBE (Centre for Use of UAV in the Unbuilt and Built Environment), a venture which undertakes Research, Consultancy and Capacity Building in the field of UAV(drones) for architectural and allied domains. Namrata is currently also a core committee member of IGBC, Pune Chapter. Namrata is also the Co-Lead for India flying Labs and a founder member at the MKSSS’s Institute of Sustainability and Development Studies.

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