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Madhureeta Anand 

Entrepreneur | Film Director | Writer | Activist

Madhureeta is an entrepreneur and filmmaker. Madhureeta Anand is the founder of Phree For Safety – an app that makes public spaces safer by harnessing user safety ratings in real-time.


Previously, she successfully ran her production house Ekaa Films Pvt Ltd for 15 years. The company has produced content spanning several genres including two narrative feature films, several documentary films and TV series. Many of her films have won national and international awards. She founded the 0110 Digital Film Festival and ran it successfully for 7 years until all film formats turned to digital format.


She writes for various websites and magazines and has been featured in books and other publications. She is an activist for women’s rights. She has consistently used her films and influence to support the causes of ending violence against women and children.

Her entrepreneurial journey started with Phree For Safety when her teenage daughter started going into the city alone. When she discovered that consumer ratings for safety in public spaces do not exist - she took the bull by the horns and launched Phree For Safety. Since its launch, the app has grown and currently has close to 32000 safety ratings. She continually strives to create a safer world for women and other vulnerable groups through Phree. Phree For Safety is available of the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Madhureeta Anand is also a prolific filmmaker; she has directed two narrative feature films, written eight narrative features, and directed many documentary films and series spanning various genres. Her last released film, “Kajarya”, is an Award-winning narrative feature film that had a theatrical release in India in December 2015. The film won several international accolades, including the Best Foreign Film at China’s Silk Road Film Festival.

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