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Heena Handa

Managing Partner and Creative Head,

EDC Space


Heena Handa is the Managing Partner & Creative Head of EDC Space, an Architectural & Interior Design Consulting firm. In her 32 year long journey, she has been interviewed by the BBC, lauded by the Economic Times and has had her work written about by several design magazines. She was awarded the
Priyadarshini award for the Best Woman Entrepreneur for 2012. Heena has been a mentor for design programs, teaching hospitality design & other industry related courses, she’s been on juries for Pearl Academy and the judging panel for Elecrama 2018 and 2020. She is a trained facilitator, and her passion for upskilling and excellence has resulted in her starting a training vertical for her industry.

A member of BNI Gurgaon for over eleven years, Heena has held various roles, and is at present the Senior Director Consultant (Support) for a region of almost 1200 entrepreneurs. Heena studied at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, where her insatiable thirst for knowledge compelled her to make full use of the facilities available to her – hence her grasp of graphic design,
furniture design, wood and metal working and photography !

Her credo is: You create your future with the power of your intention

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