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Prachi Merchant

Architect-Urban Planner


Prachi Merchant is an Architect-Urban Planner and her work experience ranges from Planning, Design, Urban and Rural Planning Research, Heritage Conservation and Development, for more than 2 decades.

Prachi is passionate about gender sensitive planning and has been a part of the team who succeeded in including gender reservation in the Development Plan of Mumbai and is now making efforts to take it to the other cities of Maharashtra and India. As a part of the Advisory Committee on Gender, the effort is to implement the reservations as envisaged in the Plan which has been ensured by drafting policy guidelines for the same.

Prachi has been actively involved as a Consultant in conducting gender sensitive planning capacity building program among youth and designing safe subways in Mumbai, one such subway  is under implementation. Besides this, Prachi leads a team of urban professionals for setting up Mumbai Parking Authority and has an urban development manager at the International Urban regional cooperation (IURC). 

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