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Laghu Parashar

Senior Transport Specialist,

The World Bank


Dr. Laghu Parashar is a Senior Transport Specialist at the World Bank, managing lending and knowledge portfolio for urban and electric mobility in India. His work involves a variety of development projects at national and state levels, focusing on creating a sustainable ecosystem through policy development, regulatory frameworks, institutional strengthening, capacity building, and innovative financing. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Parashar has contributed to planning, designing, structuring, and implementing sustainable transportation projects. His previous role as program lead for urban and electric mobility at GIZ India involved supporting government partners in areas such as gender and climate change within urban mobility.

Dr. Parashar holds a civil engineering degree, a postgraduate degree in transport planning, and a doctorate in "sustainable PPP framework in city bus operations" from the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, India. He has authored publications and papers at national & international level and has served as Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Urban Transport (IUT) in India. He has been pivotal in drafting of the "Urban Bus Specifications" (UBS-II) and various model documents, policies, and schemes, contributing to the urban transport reforms at all government levels.

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